Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dream from Heaven

This morning, josh kissed me goodbye as he left for work, and I fell back asleep for about 30-40 minutes. In this short amount of time, the lord gave me a wonderful gift to start my day...

I was an emotional mess this morning because I was so happy with this joy I had felt!

I had a dream that I pulled into my grandpa's house in alabama, same place it had always been, but there were beautiful gates, and the house looked updated...Same plan but fancier and brighter...

I was so excited to see him because I haven't seen him in so long...gosh 12 years maybe? I jumped out of the car and ran into the house, The smells were the same, scenery the same, just as I remember it. And then came my grandpa, This tall man, standing straight and tall, over 6'3", same half bald head, but the youth in his face was amazing! No wrinkles, just pure joy and light in his face. And he ran to hug me! No words were exchanged but I cannot even describe the joy and happiness that radiated from him. He just kept smiling at me. Then I awoke, with this happiness to start my day...

I was so excited at what I just experienced, I went into Darcy's room to wake her for school. I told her of my dream and I was crying telling her even, because I felt as though I was really there. She cried with me and hugged me (she's never met him) and I told her what a gift from heavenly father that was. He let me peak in at a little slice of heaven.

I'm so grateful today for that.

I know that my heavenly father loves us and shows us tender mercies just when we need them. I know that I will live with him again and with my family because we are sealed for eternity. I know that I better get to finishing the work for my grandfather, he is waiting! I'm so blessed to have the knowledge I have and grateful I can teach my children so that they may have the same blessings. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Been awhile...

Gosh it's been awhile...Guess I'm kinda behind! Is it coincidence that I stopped blogging about the same time I got my primary president calling!? Life's been busy! But I am so blessed!

So Recap...

June- We had a great time in San Diego at La Jolla Beach for a week. We did Sea World, Lego Land and had some great family time just exploring!

July/August- Lake time, fishing, camping, swimming and just enjoying our summer! Completed my 2nd triathlon at Smithville Lake and felt like a rock star! It rained and was a chili start but felt great and finished great!

September- back to school. Can't believe Darcy is in 2nd grade! Zach is in preschool 3 afternoons a week, and I am busy being the mom of 3! Darcy is in Competitive soccer this year and loving it! Zach too loves playing soccer with his buddy Jack. And I am the real, live soccer mom with the mini-van. Love it! Also finished my 3rd triathlon!

October- Ran a HALF MARATHON! Gotta say that was never on my list of things to do, but felt very proud of myself and realized you can do what you will yourself to do! 2:04:50 was my time!

November- We had our primary program and it was very successful!

December- The holidays have snuck up quickly! Still no snow (yeah!) although kids would love snow, I'm enjoying the warm winter thus far! We celebrated our christmas by adopting 3 children to buy presents for. The kids like picking them out and hopefully learned how blessed we really are!

So there it is, the quickest shakedown of 6 months, but it's documented for our books and hopefully I will stay on top of things now!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kiley Bug turns 1

My Dearest Little Kiley Bug...You are already 1 years old and have brought so much joy and light to our family. You make us laugh everyday! You have this tough attitude and perseverence about you. You look to your big brother and sister and watch everything they do. We love watching you grow daily...body and mind. The wheels in your little brain are always turning! At 12 months old, your first word was uh-oh and you now say ball,and dada. Still no mama. You really started walking a couple weeks after your birthday and now just take off everywhere!

We love you so much kiley Bug!

The all important Kiley Bug Cake!

7 Years Old!

My sweet baby girl is quickly becoming a young lady! 7 years of cuddling and loving you. I love your tender heart and your smart brain, your wilingness to help, your way of thinking outside the box, your whittiness, your great laugh , your eagerness to learn, and I'm so glad you are part of our eternal family. I love you Darcy and look forward to everyday with you.
Love , Mommy

This was the first cake...The second cake was layered black and pink with peace signs and it went so fast we didn't even get a picture!

Your very first American Girl Doll!

You will be a great mommy to her!

You named her Bethany.

Monday, May 16, 2011

First Triathlon

Since May 2010, As I was 9 months pregnant with my third baby, I set a goal. This time next summer, I WILL do a triathlon.
May 7,2011...My FIRST Sprint triathlon, Leavenworth,KS
30 lbs lighter now, I have followed my training schedule and despite having a bad flu 2 weeks prior to the race, I feel ready. 200m swim, 12.6 m bike and 3.1m run... Bring it!
At this point I have made it TO the race and managed to set up my transition area. That's a good first step right?

All the preparation, research, workouts, equipment buying, worrying, obsessing as my hubby may call it...I call it being mentally prepared! We have a pre-tri meeting and the nerves keep building. I've been talking and meeting people and gone to the bathroom 3 times...let's keep it real, so did everyone else!

They call the first people to start lining up by number to enter the pool. I'm #131, I've got awhile. They started and withing 2.5 minutes, #1 was out of the pool! I don't have awhile! I might throw up any minute...

I made it into the pool...Just remember to breathe! That's all that's important. Save your energy is what I kept telling myself. The swim was SO fast! I did it in 4:22. This includes hauling your butt out of the water and running out of the gym and crossing the timing mat. YES! I beat my first goal...I'm 1/3 of the way done!

Next up, the bike. Transitoned in 1:53. I Learned to COMPLETELY dry my feet before putting on socks and shoes. (although I could have been like guy #1 and carried my bike out of the transition zone barefoot! His shoes were clipped in his pedals already!) And put your gloves on after you get on the bike and going. Could have saved time there. Now this was a fairly hilly course and I knew this going in. I trained for it well. Although I got to the first big hill and asked myself " is this the worst hill?" No, there were a few of those. The uphill 1.25 mile caused me to do some praying to get up that hill! I finally made it all the way through! It was a very beautiful ride and peaceful. Lots of thinking when you don't get to wear headphones!

Now came the hardest part...NOTHING prepared me for how numb my feet would be after the bike and into the first mile of the run. I almost cried because I COULDN'T feel my darn feet! The whole first mile! After that they finally realized that we were running now, and my strength came back.

At points during the race when I started to doubt myself, I replace the thoughts with positives and thought of my brother who had the most strength even when he was weak. I thought of my children and husband whom I want to be proud of their strong mommy. I want to be a great example for them. These great thoughts got me through the run with a smile!

"Thank goodness I can see that finish line..."
Almost there! Rounding that last corner! Thank goodness!
My darling and sweet and Handsome husband at the finish line with me. Thanks for supporting me the whole way through honey!
My best friend and cheerleader, Shauna!!
I DID IT! What an amazing experience! It's amazing what you can Will your body and mind to do!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Today, I feel strong.

Since June 28, 2010 until now, I have lost 28 pounds. My ultimate goal includes 10 more pounds. I do want to see that number, but more importantly I want to be strong as a mother/wife.
I have worked out and worked out and built up my strength, and controlled my nutrition. I have set a goal of sprint triathlons this summer. Setting a goal helps you focus your exercise.
This takes will power/mind power. I am proud of my body and the way it is working for me. I am grateful to have a body that can function as I want it to (most days). I will take care of my body for my body is a temple for my spirit. I will continue to exercise and eat right and take the vitamins and supplements I need to take. I will be strong for me and for my family and I will be a good example to my children and others. I will fall down a few times, but then I can reread this post and focus again.

Today I jogged 3 miles in around 27-28 minutes and then hopped on the bike and rode 6 miles in 28 minutes. Last week I swam my 1/2 mile in the pool in 13/14 minutes. A few months ago I thought I might drown in the lake this summer during my triathlon, but baby steps and support from others have led me to today. Just a little step at a time is what I continue to tell myself. I am trying to treat life the same way...Just a day at a time. Do my best each day and the picture will be full of wonderful memories.

I am woman...Hear me ROAR!
New: My husband read my blog and sent me this e-mail. What a great man I have!

"I saw your newest blog post... I didn't think it was possible for you to impress me more as a woman and mother, but you did. I don't think I'll ever be able to express to you how lucky I feel each and every day I spend with you. You are a strong and amazing woman and I wouldn't have it any other way...

I know I've been working a lot lately and I haven't been there for you and the kids as much as before. I need you to realize how much I love and appreciate how you are able to remain strong and hold are family together. Even though I don't/can't express it to you very often, I do appreciate it and can't imagine you not being there to raise our beautiful children. Sometimes I get frustrated because I am not able to provide you and the kids the lifestyle that I feel you deserve, but I'm working on it.

I love you dearly and thank the Lord daily that I get to spend eternity with an angel. I hope you have a great day."

My darling husband, I love my job as a wife and a mother and have everything I've dreamt of!

Happy 4th Birthday Buddy

My Sweet boy, you turned 4 this february! You have officially turned into a little boy in your language and your actions. You are so polite and loving and wear your heart on your sleeve. You come to me every single day and say "I love you mama...You are the best Mama." You absolutely love your family and show it everyday. You know how to say your own prayers now as well! You know your numbers and letters and are learning your sounds. You LOVE the Missouri Tigers and say you are going to college there. :) You tell mama everytime I make a meal " you are the Best maker mom" I love you. You are our little buddy and bring such humor and light into our home. You love to make us all laugh. You are loving sports and are quite quick! You will be able to do anything you put your mind too. It doesn't have to be perfect as you would like it to always be. I like that you strive for that. You love to keep your room picked up, clothes nice and I even caught you the other day in the bathroom making sure that every hair was placed and not "sticking up".
You are our special boy. Mommy and Daddy Love You!

The all important cake choice for this year was a Monster Truck!
"Zou Bear" is your new Buddy. Thanks Grandpa and Michelle!
Hope it was a great birthday little buddy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grandma Smith - 80

This Grandma of mine turned 80 this month! How wonderful to still be able to all go to her house and have great food and company for the superbowl! She is the hardest working, most determined woman I know and I've learned many talents from her over the years. Gardening, Canning, Caring for animals...Many memories on her farm and hopefully many more to come! I'm so blessed my children have the opportunity to know her and learn from her as well.

Friday, February 4, 2011

First Triathlon

Today I signed up for my first Triathlon, to be completed July 30, 2011. I'm already nervous just thinking about it! This is a goal I've had since I had been pregnant with Kiley. I've always enjoyed being active and this just seemed like a great goal to have! I want my children to understand as well how important it is to stay active and have a healthy lifestyle so I will lead by example.

On another note of random things the kids say:
Darcy today about 2 minutes after throwing up, "Mom did you know that washington was named after George Washington? And he didn't really wear a wig even though people thought he did?"

I love my Darcy and her brain, it's wired like mine. We jump all over the place!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HomeMade Chicken Noodle Soup

No real recipe to follow here! We just boiled some chicken in chicken stock, threw in carrots, celery and some spices...and of course some homemade noodles by the kids! Who knew making noodles was so easy!
2 eggs to 1 cup flour - feeds two adults

The Tongue helps to roll the best noodles!

Family Craft Night

We have been snowed in quite a bit this January...This week brought about 12 inches of snow! Nicknamed "Snowmagedden"... So we've been trying to come up with fun activities to keep the kids busy. This monday night, for family home evening, we decided to get out lots of paper, glue, stamps, & markers and let the kids make their valentines for their classes and family.

With all the snow, we are getting a little stir crazy here! I can't wait for warm weather to air the house out too!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time to Reflect

Well, another year is coming to a close. Let's see, this year we...
Went to Las Vegas for the Superbowl,
Had a third Baby,
Had our 10 year anniversary and celebrated it at Sea World complete with dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co...Which just so happens that we went to the same restaurant in Hawaii around our 1 year anniversary!
Josh had great opportunities come up at work,
Continued to enjoy our family!

Now, on to 2011!

Some of my personal goals for this year...
1. Continue to grow spiritually and keep a spiritual journal.
2. Be better at menu planning and saving money on groceries.
3. Complete a sprint triathalon or two this summer!

I reserve the right to add more to the list!

Christmas 2010

Was A Success! We feel so blessed this Christmas season and every season really, We have such wonderful, healthy kiddos, fabulous family and Jesus Christ in our lives and home.

Scooby Doo Pajamas and Golf Clubs!
What more do you need?

I have pictures of Darcy in this same dress as an infant....I will put those up for comparison soon.

Good Lookin' Crew! Our Cousin Braden Joined us for Christmas Eve.

For those that don't know, GG plays this game that we all now play, Christmas Eve Give....
Every year on Christmas Eve Morn, the phone lines burn up and you have to be the first to say "Christmas Eve Give" to get an early present on Christmas eve. It was not my year...everyone of them got me this year!

Santa Sighting

So we saw the real santa again this year! All 3 kids sat on his lap this year and no one screamed! (I think we will have a screamer next year)
They told santa two things that they would love to have. Santa asked Darcy if she has been keeping her room clean for mommy and daddy...I think her look says it all!

Kiley got in a little face time of her own. I just love those little (big) cheeks!

Fried Chicken...

Is best right out of the box! Churches Chicken is the best! Yes, we do feed our girls on occasion...

Dear Santa,

Zachary's first Santa Letter written (traced) by himself:
Dear Santa,
Could you bring me a remote control truck and golf clubs please?
Love, Zach Cato
My sweet baby boy...
This year Darcy asked for a REAL camera, a sewing machine, and some Junie B. Jones Books.
What great and practical gifts!

He Holds My Heart

A RARE occasion...I stole Josh for a picture! My lil' honey! I love you more everyday!

Merry Christmas

The classic picture that went on our cards this year!

Time is a Flyin'!

Time is just getting away from me! Not sure why but I either need to add more hours to the day, or make the day go slower. I am having a time juggling chores, jobs, and all of our fun time!

So here are some Fun pictures recently taken ;

We took the kids Ice Skating for the first time with our friends Bree and Aspen. They had a great time and did really good! Zach took about 10 minutes to learn and then he was owning the arena!
My little Bug watched from the side...

Josh even did a little skating! And looked very handsome too!

Here's that Hat again, This time we were looking for the perfect Christmas Tree!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

School Parties

I am the room mom for Darcy's class this year and planning the x-mas party for Zach's. I love it!