Monday, July 9, 2007

Craziest 1 year...

July 2006, Found out we are pregnant...1 week later...found out we are moving to Texas.
Moved to Texas and we decided to live in a 2 bedroom apartment. That's okay for three people I suppose. Josh experienced public transportation riding the train everyday to downtown. And experienced big city life...For those of you that don't know, Kansas city is not a huge city...We Grew a baby and I worked part time throughout the winter, taking Darcy to work with me. For a country girl, who had been at the farm all summer, Apartment life almost made me crazy. Anyway, I met some wonderful people while in Texas and I've always wanted to live in texas and Josh had never lived anywhere else other than independence,mo! We had Zachary Jayden on February 11....We started looking for a home in Texas but just weren't finding what we wanted. Then I was coming home for Easter in April and felt that I should go earlier because my brother wasn't doing so well. So I did and got to spend a week with my brother and he met Zachary for the first time. I got great pictures and video and then my brother passed away on April 10. 2 days after Easter. I feel blessed that I got to spend the time that I did with my brother. What a strong young man that endured so much through his life. I cannot wait to meet up with him again. I'm almost a touch jealous that he's with my grandpa that I miss so much...Is that bad? Somedays are really hard knowing that I will not see him again for awhile but I'm so blessed to know that I will see him again. For those people that have nothing to believe in? I feel so sorry for them, it must be very lonely.

So after that happened, we decided we should move back to be around Family again...Luckily Josh's company let him just go back to the KC office doing his same job! How wonderful!
And this week we found a house! YEAH!! I'm so freaking excited to decorate my own home again!

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