Saturday, October 20, 2007

Be Prepared

So, when I was at the nail salon getting some fakes put on (so I can't bite them anymore), I got to watch a lot of CNN, since that was my only choice. I got to hear all about the water shortage that is coming about in Georgia, and it's a little scary! They estimate that there is about a 90 day supply left of the public supply of drinking water. The main source (some lake) has about 90 days left! How scary is that?! I think there governor has declared a state of emergency for 85 counties!

THEN, I was listening to a story about the FDA and the inefficient way of screening food that comes from overseas...What:?! I got this overwhelming feeling while sitting there that I REALLY need to make sure I have all my necessities and food storage prepared! And, It makes me want to plant my garden even more next year!

THEN (off subject) They did a story about how bad prisoners are treated...Seriously! What?!

I feel very educated today...

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