Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We Love Halloween!

We had a successful year of Halloween Fun in our home. Complete with White Chili, cinnamon rolls, spider webs, carved pumpkins and luminaries lining the driveway! I just love our home! And Bonus Halloween present,! Our furniture got delivered today! No more crappy couch! (Actually that couch just went to a different room)My commentaries below are a little off...You get the jist..

Look at Snow White's Lashes!
Definitely didn't get them from mommy!

"I found the honey pot...If I could just get a piece of candy into my mouth..."

Every Halloween Darcy separates out all her suckers.


Clinesville said...

those kid's are so, so, so cute!!

Amber said...

Thanks Girlie!

Farrah said...

Fun! I would kill for those lashes!

Tonia said...

"Somebody please help me get this candy! I can't seem to make the one big finger and tiny thumb work together here!"