Friday, February 29, 2008

My Little Shining Star

Last night we had young women/men combined activity and it was a talent show. I had the kids with me so josh could shop for a car (which he got one...Woohoo! No more taking him to work!)
The kids were enjoying the entertainment and about halfway through Darcy leaned over to me and said she wanted to get on stage and sing. I said "Are you sure?" Darcy-"Yes mom"
Iwaited about five minutes and she leaned over and said "Is it my turn yet mom?" I said " Are you sure you want to get on stage and sing?" Darcy says "YES MOM!", annoyed with me.
I said "Okay" and reminded her to sing loud. One of the young women took her on stage. Keep in mind that she is only 3 and there were probably 40 people there. I was scared and I wasn't even on stage. She stood there all by her little self and belted the song "Last Dollar" by Tim McGraw. (the beginning chorus) She hit the right notes and everything. I almost cried it was so sweet! I wish I had my video camera with me. There is a primary talent show coming up so I'll be sure to film that one! I don't know where she gets this bravery! I am not one to speak in front of people. But she loves it! I wonder what this means for later in her little life!


Catherine said...

How cute! I bet everyone loved it too! Wish I could've seen it.

Akicage said...


Tonia said...

You mean to tell me that you didn't know that Darcy is so a "SUPERSTAR"!!!
Darcy rocks!
I wish you had your camera too. Maybe if you tell her you want to post it, she'll give a repeat performance for daddy, and you can record that! Come on! Do it!