Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big GIve

I finally watched "Oprah's Big Give" last night. What an inspiring show! Those are the kind of shows I like to watch. I haven't watched t.v. in awhile, not even much of the news because it seems negative and worthless to me. I try to catch American Idol, but lately that's about it! Who wants to watch stuff that's negative? So props to the writing geniuses behind this show! If it inspires at least one other person to provide service or help to someone in need , then they have found success. Josh and I made a commitment this year to provide service at least once a week and so far we've been doing pretty well! Just last week we helped our friends move. It feels so wonderful to help others in their time of need and it helps me be that much closer to the spirit. Hopefully we are teaching our children as well as they watch us help others.
So I ask "What can I do to help you?'

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Tonia said...

That is a great family goal! I like it. Go and do good.