Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Since time changed, my kids sleep a little later, which is fabulous! So today, I decided to get up early (6:30) and get my workout over with. Then I got to read some from my young women's leadership manual and a few scriptures (since I have to teach sunday). I like this. I have not usually been a morning person and I love to squeeze out all the minutes of sleep that I can, but I feel such clarity having this time to myself in the morning! I might start doing more of this getting up early thing...Which means I'll have to continue to go to bed early. I need my sleep. We'll see.


Catherine said...

I'm with you . . . when I can pull myself out of bed before my kids, I get SOOOOO much more done and I really feel like I've accomplished alot more. IT feels really good. Unfortunately, my kids have already adjusted to the time change. How'd that happen???

Catherine said...
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