Friday, May 2, 2008

Close Call

Well, everyone knows that Missouri has some crazy weather. Let me enlighten you about last night's storm...We knew it was going to storm more after yesterday's evening storms, so I was sleeping with the window's open in case the siren's went off. About 2:00 or a little before it sounded like a train was coming! It was not a tornado, but fierce wind! We jumped out of bed shut the windows and 5 seconds later, wind and hail started pounding us! We had the weather on and there no tornados near us, so we just sat hoping all of our windows were going to hold up. Holy cow, what a scary storm! So we went out this morning to assess the damage. We no longer have a swing set, it's toast. Our neighbor's trampoline was picked up, slammed into their second story window, broke it in, flew between our two houses and landed 5 inches from Josh's car. Not a scratch on the car! Our other neighbor has some chunks of siding missing that flew across the street and wrapped around a tree. I think our damage is pretty minimal though. We were very lucky! What's amazing about the play area though is that the smallest thing out there, the little picnic table, didn't budge!


Farrah said...

Those pictures are CRAZY!!! I can't believe how close that trampoline came to the car.

KC Kanenwishers said...

That was a scary night! I think the worst since I've lived here!

Clinesville said...

That's crazy!