Monday, June 30, 2008

Nauvoo Road Trip

This weekend we took our youth to nauvoo, Illinois for tours and to go to the temple and do baptisms. We had a van full both friday and saturday and we had a great time! We had some problems navigating there because of road blocks and detours. All the flooding along the mississippi put a kink in the gps. But we finally made it there. We toured the pioneers homes and shops and saw how they lived. So much of it was restored and original and it was just amazing and beautiful! This was my second time there, but I'm just so fascinated by how efficient and what hard workers the pioneers were. When the saints settled this land along the mississippi, it was a swampland. They built ditches and drained it and turned it into a beautiful area! When they were forced to leave and go west, it's amazing to stand and stare at the mississippi and know that it completely froze over so the saints could cross in winter! It's the only recorded time in history that it froze. Truly a miracle!
The other thing I don't get is why they had no government protection! That is what america was all about and why people came here was because there was freedom of religion, but mormons had no protection!

Then we took the kids over to Carthage, Illinois. This is where Joseph Smith and his Brother, Hyrum were killed by a mob of people. The top window in the picture below is the window where he was shot and fell from.

Saturday, we took the youth to the temple. I took my own names to do baptisms including my brother, grandpas and grandmas. The spirit was so strong and peaceful that I think I started crying the second I stepped into the temple. Josh did the baptisms for the men and I did the women of the names I had brought. I know that these spirits were present and they were so happy! Now they will have the chance to learn of the gospel on the other side from missionaries. After I had changed and gone back to the chapel to sit with the youth, I picked up the scriptures and opened them to read, and I opened right to the section of Doctrine and Covenants 128 which talks all about baptisms for the dead. I know the spirit was with me.

My grandma, who was really close to my brother, had a dream about him saturday night. She has not had one single dream about him since he passed away last year, and was so excited to dream about him that night. She said he was so happy and healthy and that made her very happy.

Going to Nauvoo and seeing all the sight and feeling the peacefulness there, and walking among the grounds that the prophet walked on just confirms my testimony further. I know that I belong to the true church of Jesus Christ and that Joseph Smith was truly inspired. I encourage everyone to go to the temple as often as possible. It just brings such peacefulness and blessings to your life. You see the whole picture everytime you go and it confirms what is truly important in your time here on earth. I say all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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