Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rock Star

Okay, Kierra challenged us to post things that we like about ourselves...Things that make us a ROCK STAR! I liked this challenge because to often we are so critical of ourselves! So here are my Rock Star qualities:

1. I am a Kickin' Wife
2. I am a fun mommy
3. I am a great gardener
4. I can cook great, when I want to
5. I am a great organizer
6. I take super photos
7. I am a fast learner
8. I put my heart into projects I really believe in
9. I am a Cowgirl
10. I can shoot hoops well
11. I am a rock star fisherman
12. I am an awesome singer...In the car and shower
13. I am very loyal and trusting
14. I am good at keeping secrets
15. I am always ready to try something I've never done before aka...Adventure Seeker

That was fun...I'm going to think of more!


RitterB's said...

You are offically in the Rock Star Club! Thanks for the list I really enjoyed getting to know what you liked about yourself!

Catherine said...

I agree with all of those and many more! Thanks for being such a rockstar, (wo)man.