Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Last week week we celebrated our 8th anniversary! 8 years has sure gone fast! We went to eat at Kona Grill, Yum! and we saw the movie Hancock. That was a really good movie! So to celebrate our anniversary, here are 8 reasons I love my little honey...

1. He always takes care of me
2. He writes great letters to me
3. He is a hard-working, honest man
4. He goes with whatever I throw at him
5. He understands my crazy, thought switching brain
6. He knows my moods before I even say any words
7. He is a great Father and provided me 2 beautiful babies
8. He laughs at my dumb jokes
9. We always have a great time and act silly
10. He tells me I'm beautiful no matter how awful I think I look

Okay, so I put 10....I love you honey!

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