Sunday, July 27, 2008

Platte County Fair

Every Summer I look forward to the platte county fair...Not because it is fancy or unique, but because it brings back memories of youth and past summers. We get to see people from our past and it's just downright entertaining to watch people at a county fair! I grew up in Smithville, so going to the fair brings out the cowgirl a little bit. And, it's so fun to watch our innocent children just light up at the lights and music of a carnival!

This year was Zachary's first Carnival rides. We didn't go to the fair until about 7:30, and since it was going to rain, it was already pretty dark. As soon as we pulled in, He saw the tractors and just started talking and was so excited. We proceeded to quickly buy tickets and ride rides, trying to beat the rain...He absolutely LOVED the little car ride. I don't know that I've seen him laugh so hard when those cars started! It was just so fun to watch! I can't wait for Disneyworld!!!

So, in all my years of going to the fair, this year was a first. It poured rain while were there, so we found shelter and when it let up, we were back in business. It did scatter the crowd and lots of people went home, but it didn't stop us! We played some games, ate a funnel cake, and finished our rides before we headed home. The kids had a blast!

I also learned something new about myself this year at the fair. I am a complete germ-a-phobe...All I could think about when Darcy was choosing ducks at the duck game was "I wonder how many people and who have touched those Ducks" And after playing the horse race game, you know, the one where you roll the ball and depending on the hole it goes in, it pushes your horse farther along...How many hands have touched those!!?? I was fully prepared with my antibacterial wipes though...

Now, going to the fair is great, but I think my favorite part, besides watching my kids light up with excitement, is People Watching! Now you know when you go to a county fair, you are going to see all kinds of people come out of the woods. We were in full anticipation of seeing muffin tops, people that may need more stitches of clothing or bigger clothing, and plenty more. I just can't believe what people wear for clothing. And then you throw in the pouring rain...It got very interesting and funny!!! I totally wish I would have had my still camera. I would have done a whole other blog on what not to wear!

We had a great time and another great county fair. State Fair and Fried Food, Here we Come!


Catherine said...

I like county fairs too. Despite the good food (usually) the people watching is highly entertaining, like you said. Sounds like you had fun

KC Kanenwishers said...

I've never been to the Platte County's probably because I'm always gone in the summer but I'd really like to go. Sounds like you had the full "fair" experience!