Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was sitting looking out my window, just reflecting I guess about the summer, and our garden. Our garden was good to us this year. We have tomatoes galore, Lots of Ocra, and have already canned a good amount of green beans with more to come in the next batch in fall...Next year our Peach trees, blackberries and strawberries will bare fruit and it will be even better! I will say though, I will not can tomatoes again and I'm so over picking tomatoes! They just keep coming! I don't know what else to do except for salsa and eating tomatoes with everything! I'm so thankful to have a great garden and it's been so fun teaching Darcy and Zach how to grow their own things and watch them pick all the veggies. Even Zach loves to do it (a lot of times his tomatoes are still green...) But at least he gets the point.
So today I found myself already planning what else to plant in my flower gardens...Some plants that attract hummingbirds and more Monarch Butterflies. I was watching a huge one today on my peach tree. They really are beautiful!

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RitterB's said...

I am there with you on the tomatoes.. I have canned 8 batches of salsa and have one more package to go... so that will be 9 batches of salsa. I am off to the store tomorrow to see what other mix I can can... I think there may be a spaghetti sauce or maybe a chili sauce... If I find something I will let you know... My plants are still fat with green tomatoes... it is crazy cool but I wonder if my house will ever stop smelling like salsa...