Monday, August 11, 2008

Summertime Fun

I know, I know, I've fallen behind on this blog thing...
I recently took the kids, with my mom's help, to Crown Center Kaleidescope and a free exhibit called "Moneyville". They had a great time creating art and then they explored with money at Moneyville. My little cousin Braden especially liked this one. He got to explore the stock market, play grocery store and learn all kinds of fun Facts. Here is one:

Did you know that if you take 1 penny and double every day for 30 days, you will have 1 million dollars? I didn't believe it either until I did it on the calculator...Go ahead and get out your calculator...
You even got to print your own money with your picture on it! We laminated ours and now the kids play store with it.

Then we had to go on and eat at Fritz's,

Zach loved the trains! If you haven't eaten there, the food is brought to you by train...So it's fun guessing which table the train is going to. Every time Zach heard the whistle he got all excited and screamed! I like the restaurants with Free
Entertainment! Braden thought ordering on the phone was "cool".

Last Friday, I took the kids along with my dad down to the state fair. Talk about lucky on the weather! It was 85 degrees and low humidity! It really was fun walking around seeing all the different livestock shows, prize winning fruits and vegetables, missouri conservation building and of course the carnival. Zach saw the tractor lot and made a mad dash for them! Guess how much this tractor is that he's sitting in? It could be yours for $311,000!
We toured the swine building, poultry, ate lunch at the beef house (excellent, by the way) Had ice cream at the dairy barn (excellent again), Funnel Cake, Carnival Rides, Learned all about missouri snakes, frogs, and fish and just had a great day!
Darcy decided that we needed this camper in our backyard...I told her she could save her money...It is a pretty cool camper though...

We are headed back this friday and saturday for the team penning competitions and of course more carnival rides.
It really is cheap fun and I reccommend it!

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Tara said...

Darcy looks just like you in that picture!! Our kids are getting so big! Can you believe they will be in kindergarten next year!! Time goes by way to fast:)