Friday, September 26, 2008


Today I had so many memories and thoughts flood my mind, I couldn't think straight. We took the kids to the Smithville Homecoming Parade today and watched the sea of green flood main street. It was not THAT long ago that It was me dressed in green and gold, face paint and all cheering on our football team and getting pumped up at the pep rally, Riding in the parade with my team, waving at mom while she took pictures. And now I get to see the flip side of that...Parents taking pictures of their babies, preparing the baskets they will throw candy from, making sure they have a "cool ride" for the parade, wondering what the plans are after the parade, who's going to the game with who, picking up the corsage/booteneirs (no idea how to spell those), making sure the dresses, shoes, suits and everything are right for tommorrow's dance, and on and on. I'm really grateful to my mom now that I see everything that was done back then. It makes me tired to think about having teenagers but exciting at the same time. And did I act as goofy as some of the kids I saw today? Surely not right? Anyway Thanks mom for all that you did!
Josh and I also realized that we want our kids to have that small town feel. We just have to figure out what small town. They are hard to find anymore. And even though Smithville is much bigger than "back then", I still saw so many people I knew, and I understand why my parents raised us there...They could find out about everything I did! I NEVER did anything wrong though...I didn't like it so much at the time that I was small town, but now that I look back , I had so many great opportunities that I might not have got at a big school. (sports wise) And I have so many memories! I mean I could probably go down every road in smithville and tell where so and so lives or what happened here and there...I guess that will be fun to tell my kids someday. And I can point out where my mom lived before the government bought out their land to build the lake...I feel like I'm just rambling now, so here's a few pics.

I told Zachary to hug Sissy...He hugs with his head...

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