Thursday, September 25, 2008


The apples are plentiful this year and we are reaping the benefits! Yesterday I had friends over and we worked non-stop from 9:30-4:00 canning applesauce, apple pie filling, and today even I have apple butter going. I was completely exhausted last night and slept really well for the first time in about 2 weeks.

I had a wonderful time yesterday sharing the skills that have been taught to me by my grandma. How great of a skill is that to know and pass on to others!? Not to mention it completely saves on the grocery bill over the winter, adds lots of freshness to food storage, made my house smell fantastic and I was providing service by sharing my knowledge!

We had a conversation about how it could be hard to share our canned things as gifts because we worked so hard for them, but the lord blesses us when we provide for others and Kierra reminded me that sharing with others, we are promised all that we need.
Darcy took our picture for us...Notice the craziness going on in the background~
This apple peeling,coring, slicing machine is fabulous!

To my amazement the kids were all really well behaved! They knew we were making their food for them I guess... Thanks for the wonderful day ladies! I had a super fun time!
By the way, out of 3 bushels of apples we made approximately 36 quarts of apple pie filling and 22 quarts of applesauce...WE still have 4 more bushels to go!!! Rest up girls!


KC Kanenwishers said...

Gosh, it was a lot of apples huh! I finally put it away on shelves and it's so great knowing it's there. Thanks again!

RitterB's said...

Day 2 and I am still tired... and my hand hurts from all the cutting and cranking... But I can still blog so I guess I am not that bad off!

Sam Ransom said...

What a fun time. Now you know what to do if you are having trouble sleeping! :)