Friday, October 17, 2008

Smart Shopping

So I decided, after seeing all of these people on t.v. being able to save lots of money with coupons and being smart about what they shop for, that I'm going to do it too. So today was my first real attempt. I got the grocery store ads in the mail yesterday and all my coupons I've been cutting, and sat down for about 30 minutes. I made my list according to what was on sale , grabbed any coupons I had in addition to what was on sale, and Darcy and I headed to Price Chopper. We got everything we needed, full cart, and headed to the check out to see if "Mission Save Money" had been effective. I unloaded everything and watched to see what the total would come out to be before I handed her my coupons and of course the Chopper Shopper Card...This is the Fabulous part! I watched the numbers go from $193 all the way down to $138!!!! Mission Accomplished and it really only took 30 minutes to plan! Why have I not been doing this all along!? I don't know, I thought it would be so difficult! It's not and I'm so excited with myself even though lots of people have done this before me...Yeah Me!


Sam Ransom said...

I want to get into this too!!! I've been totally captured by all the saving money shows on right now. I told James I really want to find ways to cut back and be more planning and thoughtful on our food. It helps to hear that it isn't that hard. I know what I will be doing next shopping trip!

RitterB's said...

Cheers to Amber! You are a coupon RockStar! Here's to planning!