Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I know I've blogged about this before, but the urgency I am feeling is becoming stronger by the day. I went downstairs today organizing what food storage I have and even though I have a great start, I still have a ways to go. As I was at wal-mart yesterday (yes I was there even though I really hate going there), I noticed some shelves that were bare. I don't know if it's just me being paranoid but I am on a huge kick to get my supplies that I need. Josh must be feeling it to because he said yesterday how we should take a certain amount of money and start stocking up. I will not feel this panic if I would finish being prepared...
So I was counting up my jars of just apples that I've put up over the past few weeks and here's what I counted...

18 quarts of applesauce
2 qts red hot cinnamon apples
10 pints red hot cinnamon apples
14 quarts of apple pie filling (I've already made 3 pies...)
20 pints apple butter

I feel a great sense of satisfaction canning my own food!
We will be able to trade apple products I guess! I'll keep working at it!


KC Kanenwishers said...

I have felt the same as you Amber. Putting all the canned apple stuff away really felt great. I'm ready to can something different when you find something else to can..let me know. I think nothing will taste better or bring more comfort when we need it then those yummy apples and anything else we eat that we've worked hard to store.

KC Kanenwishers said...

Hey, I want to do a weight challenge thing with you guys. How do we do this?