Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tough Chick

When I was 4 years old I specifically remember getting my ears pierced. I got one ear done, cried, drank a mello yello, and then got the other ear done. I've told Darcy this story many times and she has been back and forth about getting her ears pierced. So today, for some reason, she woke up and said "mom, let's get my ears pierced today" After asking her several times throughout the day if she was sure about this, we went to Claire's this afternoon and did it. She sat bravely in the chair, and acted tough since there was me, grandma, her cousin Brenda, and three other teenage girls watching her. (the three teenagers were scared so they were watching Darcy do it) The pressure was on and she knew it was going to pinch. She didn't even Flinch! No Tears, not even watery eyes! She is a tough little cookie!

Here she is biting her lip with a little nervousness..
Here it goes!!!!

Marveling at her beautiful earrings...And her toughness!

No Problem MOM! "I'm tougher than you because I didn't cry!"
It amazes me how tough Darcy is and how aware of everything she is. She amazes me everyday! I love my little girl!


KC Mom said...

She IS a tough girl!

Shauna said...

Wow...Darci...Great Job!! They grow up way tooo fast.

Go-Church's.blogspot.com said...

She showed me her ears on Sunday and told me she didn't cry one tear!! She is so brave. I've been talking to Delaney about getting hers pierced for her 6th birthday this month. We'll see if she's as brave! :)