Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother

Today would be my brother's 26 birthday. Somedays it is really hard that he is no longer on this earth to share our joys and sorrows with. Having the knowledge of where he is has comforted me along this journey. He has a perfect body and is so happy as this has been revealed to me through dreams. I know he is around on a daily basis, watching what's going on. Somedays I feel his presence so strongly, that I feel like a bump into him. Darcy tells me that she likes it when Uncle Jared rubs her back. And I'm sure Zach sees the spirits around us because he is so fresh from the veil. I miss my brother very much but I am fortunate to also have a sister that I love! I know Jared watches out for us and especially watches over my mom ,dad and grandma. They are very strong to endure these trials they have faced. I love them very much. So happy birthday to my brother! I am thinking of you today and everyday.

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KC Mom said...

I have a brother who passed away when he was a baby. His birthday is May 11. On days like today, I try to imagine what he'd be doing in heaven. I'm sure he is very busy and yet I'm sure he makes time to be around us. I'm so glad I know we'll see him again.