Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Baking

Every year I enjoy holiday baking. I also enjoy Holiday Eating. A little too much. Oh well. That's what January is for...Getting back to eating right and working out.

We've made peanut butter balls, oreo balls, peppermint bark, haystacks, red velvet cookies (those happened to disappear. they were good) and tomorrow I want to try these rasberry swirl cookies. They look good in the picture.
Zachary has really enjoyed all the cooking. He's quite coordinated at holding the mixer and prys my hand off of it since he can do it himself. He's also gotten really good at saying " I want keke" That's his word for cookie and his little fat hands have gotten quick at getting cookies himself. Sweet baby...


Sam Ransom said...

WOW!! That all sounds and looks sooooo good!!!

Catherine said...

yummmm. Wish I lived closer to beg for my own plate of treats from your house!!