Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I just love this litte guy so much! He's just so darn sweet! And his little personality has really come out in the last couple of months as his language has just taken off. He amazes me daily of how fast he learns! And then there is the pottytraining that I thought "How do you train a boy?"
Well he is pretty much teaching himself! He has figured out how to do it himself. He loves the potty and he lights up when he gets praised for it. He told me today I think 4 times "potty" so just for kicks, I would take him, (because I really wasn't going to start on it until february when he turns two, and even then I was going to cut him slack because usually boys take longer) And today he went 2 times out of the 4! Wow, I really hope he keeps this up!

I was rocking Zach tonight before bed, following our little routine of snuggling, reading a quick book, and then playing our little games of nose kisses and neck tickling. I love when both my kids are so giggly at bed time, and cuddly, and smell so great after their bath, and I just wish I could bottle those little moments so that I could go back to them at anytime. These are the moments that make me so happy as a mommy.

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Catherine said...

I love those moments too.