Monday, December 22, 2008

Wild Weather

Last week there was a day where it was above 25 degrees and we could actually get out and play in the snow for a little while. The kids had a great time and I got in some good laughs. Zach falls over and can't get up in all his gear. I couldn't help but laugh at my sweet baby.
So this week marks the START of winter. The Farmer's Almanac predicts the coldest, worst winter in a LONG time...I think they are right so far. Seriously, 1 degree this morning here, snow in Las Vegas last week, snow in Houston the week before. What is going on!?


KC Mom said...

It so cute to see your kids having a great time in this weather! I bet you're right about this being a hard winter. I wish not, but I know it's necessary.

Sam Ransom said...

I think the Almanac is probably going to be right. It has just been crazy cold. Darcy was so cute yesterday. I was subbing her class for Lindsey. Boy is she excited about that Idog! hehehe She's adorable!

Catherine said...

Yeahhh! So fun, playing in the snow. I miss that, but not the bitter cold.

I think that weather in general has been wacky all year! (we had an unusual number of "named" hurricanes that hit landfall this year too)