Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fabulous Sunday

So here are my Random thoughts for today:
Today was a great day. We have gone back to 9:00 church which makes a HUGE difference for our family! Our ward size was big today. I hope it stays this way and continues to grow, then we will get a new building sooner! Zachary stayed in nursery for the FIRST time since he was allowed in. By Himself! Since church is no longer at naptime, and all the older kids went to sunbeams (17 of them to be exact!), Zach can now relax with the kids his age and enjoy class!
Darcy moved up to CTR 5. I can't believe that she goes to kindergarten this year....

So we come home now at noon, enjoy a nice lunch and we all layed down for a sunday afternoon nap. How wonderful is that. I didn't really realize I was tired until I woke up 2 hours later! Fabulous! I LOVE Morning Church!

At church today, one of Zachary's nursery leaders, sister Kanooth, bore her testimony. She was 25 weeks pregnant and found at over the last week that her baby already passed away. She gave birth to it on saturday. She was so excited, this was there first baby. She was so strong to tell how grateful she was sunday that the baby was born in the covenant so this baby is already sealed to them for eternity. Josh and I were discussing this on the way home and why this happens. He said maybe it's because this spirit is so righteous on the other side,they are desperately needed. So they gain a body and then are quickly returned because they are needed. I guess it's not my job to understand the plan, but I sure like to try to figure it out sometimes. I'm grateful for eternal families and to know that our family will be together forever.


KC Mom said...

Oh heart goes out to that sister in your ward. She may still end up having a difficult time later. I hope she will be comforted.
We did a switcheroo with you our meetings start at 1:00. Bummer.

Hunter Bug said...

It's sad to lose someone so close. But it brings such comfort to be soo familiar with the plan of salvation! I don't know where we would be without it!
Love You!

Shauna said...

I am so excited for you that zack stayed in nursery, are Jack and Zack in the same class?? I too am looking forward to 9am church. I am sick for Rachael, I could hardly sleep worrying about her. What an amazing testimony she has, I only hope I could be so strong and faithful. What a wonderful gift the knowledge of our gospel provides.

McAtee Family said...

I am telling you, Zack just has an aversion to the McAtee's. Notice the timing? Glad he stayed there this week!

I am inspired by Rachel and at the same time so sad for her. I am horrible at being able to say the right things at a time like this, but I know that my prayers for her comfort and peace will be heard.

Heather said...

17 new Sunbeams? Holy cow! You guys must have a lot of little ones in your ward. I'm sorry to hear about that sister's story. Hope you're doing well; I miss seeing you!