Monday, January 19, 2009

The Final Product!


My friend Shauna, the paint queen put a glaze on it for me,
our friend Ray hooked us up with some fabulous Granite and brought it by this morning! Here is the finished product! (once again it looks darker in person)

Now, maybe I should do all the countertops...HHMMMM


KC Mom said...

I'm proud of you! Good job...yes you should do all the countertops. But don't tell Josh I said so.

Go-Church' said...

Oh my gosh- it's amazing. Great job!!!

Shauna said...

It looks sooooo awesome! I love it and I am jealous of the granite.

Catherine said...

nice work, Woman!

You rock! (get it? . . . granite . . . rock . . ? Aren't I a funny one?)