Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mile High First

Today, the kids were excited to go on the airplane. We boarded the plane for Dallas to visit Aunt Allie. Zachary was looking a little pale, (my first clue) but he had a little cough so I just thought maybe he's getting a cold. The kids and I finally got settled in our row of seats. We taxi away and take off. i was armed with my gum and suckers to keep the kids ears popping as we go up. Zach, who normally LOVES either of these things, would not take either of them. (Clue number 2). At this point he started getting more lethargic and more pale. He started falling asleep, so I thought to myself while saying prayers at the same time " oh good, I think he'll be okay now." We are 20 minutes into the flight. Thank the stars it is a fairly short flight.
He pops up and starts crying, which he never does, (Clue number 3) I lunged for the air sick sack, (mom's intuition) and most of the Up Chuck made it into the bag. This is a mommy first!
Luckily I had the wipes for myself and zach...The stewardess came by about 4 minutes later "Do you need some wet paper towels and a trash sack?" I wanted to say, "nah, I just thought I save this till we got there!"
I seemed to stay pretty calm throughout this whole ordeal. Thankfully the Diarrea didn't start until we landed.
We made it to my sister's safely, we have our pedialyte and watching the movie Cars now. I really hope tommorrow is way better.
Oh and , I spoke too soon about avoiding the flu.


Shauna said...

Oh man.. I feel LIKE TOTAL CRAP! I am sooooo sorry, my worst fears came true..and on the airplane! I am soooo sorry, i hope he feels better soon.

Sam Ransom said...

Oh no!! I hope he is feeling better!! I think you did amazing!!