Thursday, January 15, 2009

Patriarch Frame

Tonight for young women, we invited Patriarch Frame from our Stake to talk to the girls about when,why, where and how to go about getting their Patriarchal Blessing. (This is a special blessing you receive once in your life. It's your own personal scripture that applies only to you)
This was the man that did my Blessing 8 years ago. I remember it vividly. The special feelings.
His wife told this story of how this man was shot down 9 times in Vietnam (getting his plane down safely most of the times...), 1 time he was the only one that made it out alive. They often wondered why he skirted death so many times. When he was called to be the Patriarch and received his blessing for it, he was told that this is why he was preserved....To have this calling. Wow! Can you imagine the feelings he must have had? And how close to heavenly father he is?
I'm so grateful for him and the blessing I received from the patriarch. I need to go reread it now. The thing about this blessing is everytime I read, it's different, because of the different place in my life that I am. I am greatful for this personal scripture.


KC Mom said...

I have a special place in my heart for patriarchs. Grandpa, my hero and WWII soldier, shot down over Germany and patriarch just passed away last month. They are VERY special people and tools of our Heavenly Father. They have the power to be very human one minute and the next very heavenly.

Catherine said...

That's a great idea for an activity.

I love and cherish my patriarchal blessing. It says some very cool, and humbling things in there. . .

Everytime I get a new calling, I reread it for help and guidance. It's like the scriptures . . . everytime you read it, you get something else out of it.

Shauna said...

What an awesome activity I wish I was there to hear it all.