Sunday, January 18, 2009


All we hear about nowadays is how BAD the economy is, how BAD the banks are, how BAD the automobile industry is. We've loaned BILLIONS of dollars out to these banks and auto people and so on and so on. We've created MASSIVE amounts of debt that will eventually have to be repaid by us, our children and grandchildren. Everyday in the wall street journal that we receive there is a BAD headline. In fact this is the worst economy since the depression. The most jobs have been lost in 2008 since 1945!

So tell me this...WHY will this be the most EXPENSIVE Inauguration we've ever had? Why was the Democratic National Conventions such a HUGE EXPENSE!? The Most Expensive Ever! What is going on in the minds of these people??? Did these people forget to take a economic class in the midst of all their higher learning?

So I won't whine without coming up with my own solution. Here it is:

If you give $100,000 to every taxpayer of 2008, I'm pretty sure that will boost the economy!


KC Mom said...

Good question...put it in the "go tell Obama" box and mail it to him!

Shauna said...

Bill and I were saying the exact thing! Its hard for me to choke down, and where the heck is the money coming from. HOLD ON TIGHT!