Monday, January 26, 2009

"When there is passion and drive,
there will always be new horizons"
It's a new week, with a clean slate. My spirit was renewed as it always is on Sunday. I taught young women yesterday and it was a lesson on listening to the holy ghost. The girls shared experiences when they had listened and hadn't listened. It's important to listen and follow those feelings and promptings. I've been following these more often, and surprise, it makes me happier and more in harmony.
As far as goals, it's a new week! Forget what I ate over the weekend. (cookies, HUGE cupcakes, pie) Weekends are free! (In moderation) I'll just eat right during the week. Last week I got in 4 Cardio workouts! That's good for me. I got up this morning and snuck in my Core workout. 1 down for the week. I WILL reach my goal. I WILL reach my goal. Woohoo!
This week I strive for more organization, creativity, and patience.


Shauna said...

Sorry again about yesterday, I hope everyone is still healthy. Thanks for the post it motivated me to get off the couch and on the eliptical.

Sam Ransom said...

I'm so with you!! Today I am renewed and feel ready to be back in the swing of things!