Friday, February 27, 2009

(picture borrowed from cheryl's blog)

Last night I went to a high school play of Wizard of Oz. What a wonderful production! A friend of ours has the lead part and I was so proud of Her! I know she has worked so hard at practicing for her part Dorothy! She was FABULOUS!!!! I knew she was talented but this was grand! All of the main characters really did a great job with their mannerisms, language and all! Great Job!!

I went through a few emotions watching this play though...I had all these memories come flooding back from my high school years. How young these kids all looked! I was there not THAT long ago. But then as I was thinking of the future and how my little girl would love doing something like that and it will not be THAT long until that will be her. I was not expecting all that to run through my brain last night going to a high school play...But I don't know why that should surprise me...My brain is always running!

Great Job again Hunter!!

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KC Mom said...

It really is funny how emotional this play was to watch. You go through so many different feelings and memories. It was a fun night. Thanks so much for coming!