Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Zachary

Two years ago this morning, I had already come out of surgery and was holding my sweet baby boy. He was supposed to be born on February 12, but I guess he wanted to be a day early. He's been a mommy's boy since he was born. He wouldn't even wheel down the hall to go to the nursery in the hospital when he was born. He wanted to stay snuggled with us. He still likes to be close to his family. Zachary is so full of life and makes me laugh and smile everyday. His dimples will steal the heart of a girl later in life. They already make my heart jump. His curiosity will lead him to discover much knowledge in this world. It is so much joy daily to watch Zach discover and learn knew things. He watches Darcy and will try anything that she does. He loves her so much, and at night he waits in the rocking chair with me for Darcy to come tickle his neck and tell him good night. Zachary is so loving and quick to correct his mistakes. He wants to please everyone. He has such good manners for a two year old, always saying thank you and excuse me.

Some of Zachary's favorite things right now are the cars movie, Tractors, Trucks, playing anything with Darcy, wrestling, Counting, writing with a pen, Baking with me (he's always the first one to the kitchen when he sees me going to cook)

Zachary is talking so well now, I wanted to document some of his sayings...
"Mommy, I watch "cars"."
"Okay, Finnne" (learned from sissy)
"I want maynade (lemonade)"
"Pease" & "Tank KOOO"
"Skoose Me" (excuse me)
"Poppy" is his word for all grandmas and grandpas
"Wuv U "
"I have Gum?" This boy loves gum.
There are more phrases and words that he learns daily. It never gets old hearing him say new things!

I love you Zachie!


KC Mom said...

Awww...Happy Birthday Zachary!
He is a doll!!

Shauna said...

As I told you today I am in love with that boy, he is a dolly! Happy birthday, what a priceless gift from God he is.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Zach! He is so sweet. I love my "momma's boy" too. They're great!

Hunter Bug said...

This boy as my heart stolen! I love seeing him! And babysitting him!

Ps. Melanie texted me a few days ago and said you, her, and Reed want tickets for Oz?? And on Thursday night? Sound right?