Monday, March 9, 2009

Blogger's Block

I really don't have much to blog, I am having blogger's block I guess.

So I'll just do some random thoughts...

1. I'm so happy warm weather is arriving! I am starting to see some of my plants come up! I've missed them so...
2. I can't wait for Josh to start his new job! I'm excited for him!
3. I am a decorating addict! Good thing it is getting warm soon so I can get outside!
4. I just painted the kids bathroom yellow, and Darcy's room green(looks Fab) And now I like the green so much, I want to redo the bathroom again...
5. I love my kids laugh! They make me smile. They'd make you smile too!
6. I love Hobby Lobby, Can't get enough of it, although my checkbook has had enough.
7. I got new bedding this week, and now I need curtains. Does it ever end?
8. I took my kids Friday to the farm and he rode horses. It make me giddy to watch my kids show so much interest in being around horses. Darcy wanted to do everything herself. It is so darn cute to watch tiny kids lead around a big horse and to watch the expressions of the horse being led around by this tiny little body.
I need to take pics of that...
9. Today is my last day of peace, work gets a little crazy after this.
10. Today will be a fabulous day! And my diet/exercise is finally paying off!

1 comment:

Shauna said...

the best way to cure a block, CURTAINS!! you go girl!