Saturday, April 18, 2009

30 Years

Today I turn 30 years old....Wow! I have to say I'm pretty excited about being 30. I feel like it will be a great new chapter! So far my weekend has started off with a Hot Stone Massage and girls morning pedicures...(pictures later). How great is that! I feel great too! So here are 30 great things about me...not necessarily in order...just random thoughts that pop into my head.

1. I have a wonderful husband who supports us so I can be with our children. Did I mention he's Hot?
2. I have 2 beautiful babies that are healthy.
3. I have a wonderful family that helped me turn out pretty good and is supportive of me, and who I couldn't do anything I do without.
4. I married into a wonderful family that loves me and are supportive of our family.
5. I have super friends who I love and have fun with.
6. I love my side job as a parent educator and preschool teacher which enables me to do my first job of being a mother to my 2 babies.
7. I love to learn new things.
8. Last year I canned lots of food (that was my new thing I learned last year)
9. I'm always ready for spontaneous dancing with the music blaring!
10. I'm addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and Hot Tomales (the candy)
11. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and know why I am here and where I am going.
12. I'm kinda of a tomboy at times.
13. I love taking pictures...unfortunate for Josh.
14. I can be a little wild.
15. I'll try just about anything once.
16. I am athletic and LOVE competition...Bring it on.
17. I've learned a lot about vegetable and flower gardening and have gotten pretty good at it.
18. I'm a cowgirl.
19. I once auditioned with my mom for wheel of fortune and came pretty close to making it on the show...Darn.
20. I love a good project and always have one going on.
21. I love to be busy, rarely like to be bored.
22. I'm pretty good at seeing situtions from other people's point of views. I'm a good listener.
23. I love to help others.
24. I love to travel and I am a good travel companion. I love to have fun and see new things.
25. I'm really a kid at heart.
26. I LOVE fishing on nice summer evenings.
26. I don't swim where I can't see my feet. Never know what could get you.
27. When Josh is out of town I pile up pillows on his side of the bed because it's closest to the door. As if that will stop an intruder from getting me! I've done that since I was little...Go figure.
28. I love some old country music such as garth brooks, george strait, Chris Ledoux or hank williams sitting on the bed of a truck in the summer.
29. Have I mentioned I love summer!
30. I have a great life and I'm thankful for all of and downs.

Pictures of the Birthday weekend will come later. It's funny how when you think about the difference between 20 and 30. Holy cow...A lot has changed. Does this mean I'm finally growing up? No, never...


Aubrey said...

Why, happy birthday :) You're thirty, and flirty and thriving!

Nana said...


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday!!! 20 is a good age, but so is 30! Still young, but you'd had some good experiences. Ya know?

Love your list. Miss hangin' out with you. Glad you had a fun pedicure and relaxing massage on your B-day!

Frosty said...

Happy Birthday! (Sorry, I'm a day late.) Welcome to the "30 Club" or as I like to call it "20-10!" No worries, I have a feeling you will never be looking back.

I absolutely love your list of 30 things. It is apparent there is a lot of LOVE in your life. May your 30's be filled with as many blessings as your 20's!


Sam Ransom said...

Happy birthday! Your list rocks!!