Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Darcy!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl! 5 years old yesterday!
She had a wonderful birthday at Worlds of Fun with her bestest buddies!
I wish I could bottle the giggles I heard on the rides. They were priceless!

My Darcy is a sweet, caring girl who worries about others feelings and tries to please everyone. She is such a wonderful helper to her family and tries to please her heavenly father as well. I couldn't ask for a better daughter!
I love you baby girl and enjoy you everyday!


Shauna said...

We had such a wonderful time!! Were so grateful for your friendship it is such a blessing to us.

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

Just found your blog through the Nester's blog party. My youngest little girl is named Darcy too! Darcy Rose actually. It's funny, I named her that because I didn't know anyone named Darcy, and now I've run across about 10 Darcys! Isn't that funny?
Your daughter is adorable btw.!