Thursday, June 4, 2009


I love summer! I'm off work in the summers, except my CEO of the Household job. We have had a great week with the kids of swimming, slip 'n' slide fun, picking my awesome strawberries and eating them all (4 pints so far, along with some pie crust, and milk! Heaven!) Planting some new things, again, around the yard. I love this time of year. We sit back and enjoy every moment and do all the things we love, which all seem to be things that happen outdoors! Gardening, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Soaking up some Sun, Giggles coming from my kids playing with their friends, an ice cold glass of water followed by an ice cold glass of Diet Dr. Pepper, Jogging first thing in the morning, ( I don't always love that but at least it's the perfect temp in the morning!) OH! How I love Summer! Seriously! I LOVE SUMMER!!


Shauna said...

are you implying that you made a strawberry pie??? girl your holding out on me:) I love summer also.

Amber said...

I guess you could call it that! We make pie crust and cut it into strips, put some in your bowl, strawberries on top , pour in some milk and sugar...mmmm.

Sam Ransom said...

That "pie" sounds super yummy!!