Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Square Foot Gardening

I finally can't take the weeds in my garden anymore! Enough is Enough! After losing my first round of green beans to rain,weeds and bugs, I have Decided to move on to my square foot gardening. This means a 4 foot box complete with my string grid on top.
They were easy to make, just a 2x8x16 board (untreated) and the lowe's people will even cut it into your 4ft pieces for you! I put them together with 2 screws on each edge. Then I first put my landscape mat down, then filled it with a mixture of compost, verulite and peat moss.
I planted 9 seeds per square foot since green beans only have to be 4 inches apart.

And then I waited.......And here they are! NO WEEDS and you can plant more in your space since you don't have to leave rows. You NEVER walk inside the boxes, you only work around them. This keeps the soil from getting packed down.

I plan on making more boxes for next year since everything else is already planted. I have a couple of squash that we ate already, tomatoes are finally turning red and this year my thornless blackberries gave me some fruit!

Seriously, it's a lot of work, but when you can walk out and pick a cup of blackberries or strawberries for lunch, or even tomatoes or squash...I guess it's all worth it! And great conversations with my kids happen while they are helping me. And when they are not helping me...It's great thinking time along with a good workout!


Catherine said...

Nice work! Looks good. I'm jealous. I don't have a garden this year. HOpefully next year, I will.

Frosty said...

Fresh blackberries...yummy!

Robin said...

No beans for me. The grass and weeds were a losing battle. Yours looks great!

Nana said...

Woh, Amber I am jealous. I love berries. You have convinced me to do a garden next yr.

McAtee Family said...

Ohhh...this I could do. Mike talked me out of doing a garden this year - he was afraid that I would pull the pregnancy card and he would have to do all the weeding while I just did the eating. But next year, I am going to make myself some boxes! You need to teach us all how to do this!