Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's Funnies

Darcy is a character now that she's "5"...Here's some examples:

Driving Home From Karate

Darcy: "Mom can we go to McDonald's please?"
Me:, "No, let's just eat lunch at home, we are trying to save our money for Disneyworld, remember?"
Darcy: "But Mom! You spend your cash all the time!"
ME: "What have I bought?"
Darcy: "Well you bought that lamp you didn't need the other day!"

Me: I was at a loss for words, she had a point "okay we'll go to mcdonalds...."

Whose side is she on anyway!?

Dinnertime tonight:

Darcy: "What's for dessert mom?"
Me: "These apple cinnamon muffins are our dessert"
Darcy: " MOM! This is not our dessert! Dessert has lots and lots of Sugar in it!" (with tears in her eyes, so dramatic!)
Me: Trying to contain my laughing..."Okay we'll have really good dessert tommorrow night since it's Daddy's Birthday."
Darcy: (smiling) "OOOHHH okay mom"

I love these little laughs everyday!


Shauna said...

Oh man...has Josh gotten a hold of her and started using her against you???? She is so stinkin cute.

Sam Ransom said...

Okay those are so funny! I laughed out loud! I love your solution to go to McDonalds! Perfect!

McAtee Family said...

I love that you gave in to McDonald's. And to think that we teach them to talk - they only grow up and learn how to use that skill against us!

Frosty said...

I was rolling with the lamp story. Give her a few years, her response will be different...hopefully. Just tell her "us girls gotta stick together!" Chances are it will be something for HER you spend your cash a swank new lamp for her room! Then she'll be on your side.

KC Mom said...

Hopefully she'll not give away your secrets!!
When the girls were little and I told them we couldn't go eat out or do something because I didn't have enough money...they would tell me I just needed to write a check! As if there's money for the check!! Goof balls.

Tara said...

So cute!! Sounds like she is as smart as Camden when it comes to maniplating people:)