Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today's Mission

Okay, I finally kicked myself in the bum and decided that all other household chores can wait until tommorrow...Today's mission is my 72 hour kits! I'm tired of thinking about doing them and "oh I really need to put them together!" Today it will be done!

Step #1 ; looked under my bed and found 2 good duffle bags and then found 2 kids backpacks in the playroom. I also pulled out some plastic bags that I save ( you know the kind that curtains come in...I sometimes use them for Parents as Teachers and they are pretty waterproof. perfect) And I got out some baggies, I'm sure they will come in handy.

Step #2- I wandered around my house finding things that would go great in my 72 hour kit. Here are the things I have found at home so far:
Cereal to munch on, canned chicken and tuna, plenty of water, toilet paper, firestarter (lint from the dryer and a toilet paper roll in a baggie), disposable washcloths, (the kind for babies) wind up radio/flashlight, Emergency Heat blanket, hand and body warmers (we usually use those at chiefs games!) matches, candles, animal crackers , matches, crackers, cards, bandaids, Maalox (cause you know my stomach will be all jacked up under stress!) and gum.
Pretty good start I thought to myself...

Step #3- Among my morning errands of the bank and dry cleaners, we stopped off at Dollar General to see what else we could find. Here's is what else we got for around $50.
Cookies, spaghetti with the pop top, pudding, granola bars, canned juice, duct tape, electrical tape, gauze pads (2 sizes), alcohol, calamine lotion, razor blades, gum, knife, twine, rope, sewing kit, beef jerky, chapstick, kleenex, plastic sheet...

Now, I have to condense this all to fit our bags and continue to find the things I'm missing. I still need to raid my first aid box for some extras, find clothing to put in, a tarp maybe, a blanket, and others. Here is the list I was going off of. I HAVE to finish this by today! I will post my end results! Thanks for checking in! Blogging this helps keep me on track for some reason.

Happy Trails!

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RitterB's said...

What a great start! It alway feels good to be prepared! My 72 hour tip is to change out the food every General Confrence weekend. Check the clothes! And dont forget some small billed cash!