Monday, August 17, 2009

After a Day of Kindergarten

Darcy had a great first day of kindergarten! Here is her update!

"I ate all my food at lunch mom;corn dogs, chocolate chip cookie, green beans and my chocolate milk. And we got 3 Recesses! we had rest time but the mat I got was UNCOMFORTABLE and I told the teacher that!"

I pressed her for more, one kid threw up already, 3 kids had to go sit at their seats during circle time, she met 2 friends at recess to play tag with. She sang songs, got to go to library, and had a pretty good day!

We came home for a rice krispie treat and then she fell asleep! What a long day!

My day involved getting things done, playing with Zach (who kind of wandered around for awhile not knowing what to do) and a small workout. We survived the first day of school!


McAtee Family said...

Ha! Haley used to keep it all in - I would have to drag it out of her. Unless some kid puked - then she couldn't wait to share the news.

Nana said...

Poor thing, She's overwhelmed with school work, new surounding, new faces, new teacher, making new friends etc. You look cute Darcy,

Shauna said...

all i have to say is WHY do they have to do ALL day kindergarten! it is toooooo long for our babies.

KC Mom said...

yep...that picture shows a true tuckered out kindergartner.
I'm thinkin' this is the first time I've truly felt sorry for the teacher of brand new kindergartners. Funny how I've only thought about the kids before but when you've got that many kids all running around learning a new life, it must be crazy!

Shannon said...

Sounds like Darcy had a great day! Hope you are doing ok without Darcy - I know it has be a hard transition! I will be right there with you next year and I am not looking forward to it!

Tara said...

I wish mine fell asleep. He has been battling bed time for the past few days. Mark is up with him now:) Glad to hear Darcy loves kindergarten!!!