Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last Days of Summer

With less than 2 weeks left until my little girl starts kindergarten (sniffle,sniffle) we have been enjoying our summer days together! We have been going to the lake tubing and swimming, yesterday we went to the zoo with friends, and anything else that sounds fun as a family! House stuff can always wait!

We went camping one night, complete with hot dogs and smores...

Yesterday was a fun day at the zoo! Zach was so excited! He woke up and brought his shorts and shoes to my room and said " I ready to go to the animal store!"

We have been tubing on the lake this week now that it is finally hot enough! Both the kids love it! Darcy has even learned to do a flip off the tube (turned upside down ) into the water! I can't believe she's not scared!

I love summer! I hate to see it go so quickly but now we will welcome football season! Go CHIEFS!


KC Mom said...

Your husband must adore you. Your a camper and football lover!!
It's hard to believe our summer is gone. I'm seriously at a loss as to where it went. Looks like yours was great!!

2KoP said...

These are such cute pictures. Your blog came up in my Google alerts because we actually own a pet shop called The Animal Store. So, if you and your family ever make it to Lincolnwood, IL, stop by and see us. You can pet the bunnies and play with all the other animals. Or visit The Animal Store Blog online or on Facebook.

Shauna said...

OH we miss our friends!!!! Looks like your having fun without us!! we went to the zoo today....jack loved it.