Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Marriage

I came across this article through another's blog about marriage and thought it was beautiful!
I had to share!

Marriage isn't easy sometimes. It's the tough parts that makes a marriage stronger.
I am thankful for my loving husband, even through the ups and downs! I love you Honey! 2 weeks til vacation!


Shauna said...

oh!!! I want to come on vacation!! please please please

Sam Ransom said...

What a great article! I told James all about it. There are a lot of couples around me right now who are struggling and few that are looking at divorce. It has really been eye opening for me. Then I get all paranoid and ask James if he is really happy and if our marriage is as good as I think it is. Thankfully he said yes! With all my trials right now, I'm so thankful that my marriage is strong and supportive.