Friday, October 9, 2009

Flu season already?

REALLY? It's October 8 and already the flu hit my house hard! It started with Zach a few weeks ago! Then it hit Josh right before vacation, Then Hit Darcy ON Vacation, and now it's finally hit mom. Mom's are NOT made to get sick! Too much to take care of!
I've had this junk in my head and chest since last Friday. Started feeling a lot better on Tuesday and Wednesday (substituted school on those days too!) and by wednesday night and Thursday , it hit me like a freight train! Stopping me in my tracks! Who knows HOW many people I infected at Josh's Aunt's funeral we had to attend yesterday! (Julie was really ill and she is at peace now.) Talk about a bad day!

I'm not just looking for sympathy here...There is a point to my story!
I am a girl who doesn't do nose spray or anything else that goes up your nose...Can't stand it...
BUT I finally resorted to this yesterday... THE NETI POT.

It wasn't near as bad as I though it would be. Pretty gross actually. Josh said we've reached new heights in our marriage...He watched. That's love right there. It did help! but not enough for me...

I finally drug myself to urgent care after spiking a fever yesterday. I have the Flu AND a Sinus Infection. Super.
I don't know how many flu viruses are out there, but watch out for this one..!

Stupid Flu Season. What's scary to me is that it's only October 8.


Sam Ransom said...

Yeah it has already visited our house. Just miserable. I was supposed to have a flu shot at James' work today but even though they ordered it the company doing the shots didn't bring it (I guess I get a special prego shot). So I guess I need to get into the regular doctor.

Shauna said...

oh honey...I am sorry I hope that you feel better soon. I feel like crap also.

Catherine said...

Ohhh, that is miserable. I'm so sorry!

I've heard that using the Neti Pot feels a little like you're drowning . . . is that true?? I've never gotten enough courage to try it. Although I've heard that it does wonders for sinus infections. hmmmm

HOpe you all get better, and that you just got YOUR flu out of the way EARLY in the season. No use getting the flu shot now, at least. You've already had the actual virus! So look at it as saving yourself some money?????

abbycarlson said...

So sorry you guys have been so sick! Looking on the bright side -hopefully this means you will be healthy through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas now that you've all gotten the flu out of the way for this year!

Amber said...

Yes, let's think positive that there will be no more flu!