Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas has already come and gone and the end of another year is coming soon! What a great year it has been!

Who's this Beautiful Family? Oh yeah, that's mine, with one more cooking! I love my Family!
Christmas at my Mom's house...

My beautiful Mom and sister...I look adopted here...I should go red...

My little cousin Braden went with us....Opening gifts! Yahoo!

Setting the Stage for Santa...After we went to put the kids to bed the dog thought she would play santa and ate half the plate of cookies....Sneaky little dog.

The Coveted Roller Skates!

A VERY Tired Puppy with her Christmas Bone half gone. Guess she didn't want anybody messing with it!

Thanks to all my family and Husband for a wonderful Christmas full of family time!


KC Mom said...

Looks like a great Christmas...Have a Happy New Year too!

Shauna said...

looks like you had a great Christmas! Miss you.