Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Baking

Since it looks like this outside: yes that's snow, not the white sand of pensacola beach that I wish I was at right now...
We decided to do a lot of this:
So far today we have made 8 mini-loaves of pumpkin bread, 2 regular loaves and 24 pumpkin muffins. Then we moved on to cookies from my new favorite blog... The Pioneer Woman. If you have not read her blog, she is living my dream life...if only I could win the lottery...

So the kids and I decided to make her Favorite Childhood Cookies...After eating them, I understand why they are favorites. They are SSSOOO yummy! and Fluffy! I have had trouble with flat cookies lately but not this recipe!!! YEAH!

After making the dough and letting it get cold in the fridge, we cut out our little cute shapes and the kids painting on their colors. I have never done this and the kids were thrilled to "paint" and eat cookies!
Some of their finished cookies! I haven't gone back with the icing decorations yet, but we did taste some and they are so yummy! The orange zest makes the cookie!
We love Snow Days!

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