Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Z

I have not been as great at keeping Zach's Scrapbook so I needed to document a few things...

Reasons I love my little Buddy...

He is full of energy and goes 100% on everything

He is stubborn, independent, and can "do it himself"

He wakes up in the morning ready for the world and says "Look Mom, the Sun is awake! It sure is a nice day!" I love that positive energy in the morning and it always makes me smile.

He has a Jean Feddish....Freaks out if his jeans aren't ready and waiting for him...I think it's kinda funny.

He tells me and everyone else "Your my Best Friend"

He wants me to rock him every night. We are never allowed to skip that part.

He LOVES to wash the dishes and will stand at the sink forever "washing the dishes"

I could keep on going...


KC Mom said...

Such a sweet boy!!

Shauna said...

gotta love that boy!!