Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Life

One Week from today I will be holding my next baby girl. A little life I have prayed for to come be with our family. I have nurtured and protected her for 9+ months already. I have dreamed dreams about her. I have wondered what her personality will be like and how she will mesh with her family. What part will she play? What will her strengths and challenges/trials in life be? What will she teach her family?

As moms we pray for easy times for our children but we look for those windows to teach them and guide them, if they will listen. I try to be such an example to my children, but what downfalls should I be working on and teaching them along the way? (patience, always a work in progress)

Such pressure to be a great mother, but I will just take this next step one day at a time and this next week I will soak up the newborn moments that I get to have as a mommy!

Just for the record, so far I know that her awake time is between 9-10 at night. She's a party girl during that hour!

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