Friday, June 25, 2010

Wildlife Fun

We have been having fun with nature in our own backyard this summer! You saw the finches we've been watching (see below). Now we have a squirrel we named "Freddy"
that has been providing lots of entertainment trying to get onto our birdfeeders. We named him Freddy because when I was 4, we named a squirrel freddy in my backyard that we used to feed acorns to in Mississippi. The kids have gotten a lot of laughs from mr. Freddy.

Then we have this little guy who has been hanging in our backyard for a few nights now. He's so darn cute!

He got a little tired from playing so hard!

As long as he stays away from my garden!

I have a real appreciation for nature and I'm so thankful that my kids pick up on that and have taken on the same appreciation!

1 comment:

Sam Ransom said...

It's like you live in the country!!

Your garden looks awesome by the way!