Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conversations of a 3 & 6 year old

Around 7:30 on a Saturday morning...Zach is bunking in Darcy's room...
Josh and I still in bed but can here them chatting...

Zach: "Darcy share with me!" ( I don't know what it was he wanted)
Darcy: "Wait your turn Zach!"
Zach : " Share right now or I'm telling mom!"
Darcy: "I said wait your turn!"
Zach: "I'm telling mom you won't share!" (he leaves the room but doesn't come to me...)
Zach, enters the room again with darcy, "Mom said Share Darcy!"

Smart little cookie....

One day I was going to Kiley's room to nurse,

Me: "Could one of you let Cocoa (the dog) out to potty please?"
Darcy: "Zach, let cocoa out, it's your turn."
Zach: "No , it's your turn"
Darcy: "Zach it's your turn, mom said let cocoa out!"
Zach: "Mom did NOT say my name darcy, She said one of us!"

These conversations crack me up! I love listening to Zach's language grow and I think his thought process is pretty smart for a three year old!

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McAtee Family said...

LOVE it!! Isn't there a part of you that finds great satisfaction that your little one is starting to stand up for himself. I love that Sophie no longer lets Haley pull the crap over her - I figure is she can hold her own with her sister, I have not much to worry about when it comes to kids at school.