Thursday, July 29, 2010


My Sweet boy...This summer he goes EVERYWHERE with his green goggles! It's 100 Degrees out and zach is rockin' his goggles, doesn't matter how much sweat is under them, he's got the goggles.

He picks his own outfits, again doesn't matter how hot, zach could be wearing long sleeves and jeans. I let him where it around the house for awhile, then I can get him to change with a quick trip out to the garden to grab a tomato. He figures out that it's hot outside and changes. Works everytime...

And then there is the blue cup. Every morning Zachary wakes up and says this exact statement:
"Mom (or Dad), can have lemonade with warm water and no ice, just warm water and make it taste good...please?" As if we forget how he likes his morning lemonade...Cracks me up everytime.

And today, we went to the lake and water park. Zach was so tired tonight, but he managed to tell me this..."Mom, you are the best mom in the whole world." Thanks Zachie...My sweet boy

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