Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Growing up Fast!

Today was one of those days, where you sit back for a minute and reflect about how fast life goes. My children are going to be grown in no time flat and I have to pray that we lived in the moment enough, and that we teach them daily wrong from right. We as parents have to be great examples at all times and create an environment that they will remember.

Today I watched videos with family of myself and siblings when we were little , I was 8 in this particular video. I laughed so hard I was crying, but I had to think that if I remember that moment of 8 like it was yesterday, My children will remember these moments we are having now. Darcy is already 6 and what a little lady she is becoming. I have to enjoy these precious moments I have to snuggle and cuddle my children as much as they will let me, and forget about all the other things.
There will always be messes to clean but my babies are only babies for now!

I love my sweet and precious babies more than anything else in this world, and how lucky I am to have the knowledge of the true gospel and that we are sealed together for eternity. How blessed and fortunate I am...

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Stevenson's Sanibel Condo Rentals said...

Beautiful children! They just grow up way too fast.